Companion animals have beneficial impacts on our mental and physical health. They are often considered as members of our family and/or best friends.

Training and enrichment is our opportunity to ensure that these beloved family members form a clear understanding of good choices, improving their health (both mental and physical) and strengthen our bond and relationship.

Training and enrichment will also help with:
  • Optimism
  • Confidence
  • Ability to cope with novelty - events, objects, people and other animals

Private in-home sessions.

Many behavioural problems are best tackled in the home environment, this allows for a holistic approach for maximum success.

These consults are not only suitable for behavioural problems! If you want to work on a specific dog training skill, including: drive, engagement, play or any other concept then this could be for you.

In-home Avian Behaviour sessions can also include a walk through the garden to find readily available foraging browse, as well as forming enrichment strategies. These sessions are great for the new bird owner, as well as a parrot owner looking to improve their companion parrots life.


Group classes are often a fun way to learn and cover a range of topics.

Canine Behaviour and Training workshops are provided to cover a range of subjects.

Our avian workshops are designed around the companion parrot welfare, husbandry, nutrition, health and training.

We provide access to parrots in a controlled environment, participants do not bring their own parrots for health and safety reasons. The birds that are brought by our instructors receive annual health checks by a registered avian veterinarian.